Current projects

I'm currently enrolled as researcher at the National Institute of Public Health and Environment. More information can be found at our website

Geochemical Map

After finishing my PhD, I created a digital geochemical atlas of the research area: the Procince of Zeeland, South-West of The Netherlands. This map can be viewed online

PhD study

My research Ph.D. project was entitled: Geochemical patterns in the soils of Zeeland, natural variability versus anthropogenic impact The research aimed at assessing patterns in geochemical soil composition and distinguishing natural variability from anthropogenic impact. The variability is assessed in geographical space and in attribute space. Patterns from both spaces are related to natural and human processes influencing the soil composition.

The research took place in 1999-2005 and the results were published in a thesis in February 2005. This thesis was successfully defended at February 17.

PhD thesis


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